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704603A professional horseman for over forty years, Dr. Madison Seamans MS DVM practices equine medicine, surgery and dentistry in Western Idaho. He is a 1985 graduate of Texas A&M University, and has a graduate degree from the University of Florida. He was a teaching resident at UC Davis in the 1980s, where his focus was on equine reproduction.

During his tenure at UC Davis, he was an invited speaker at an international equine reproduction symposium, and authored research published internationally. He has a holistic approach to equine medicine, believing that dentistry and nutrition are the most important aspects of health. His life-long interest in horse behavior has given him insight in to the way the horse looks at the world. "I don't want to be a horse whisperer", he says, "I'd rather be a horse listener."

Dr. Seamans is a lifelong horseman, and has experience as a farm manager, trainer and farrier. He spends his spare time, at least 20 minutes a year, painting, drawing, riding the gray and composing bad cowboy poetry. He plans on sleeping when he's dead.

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