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It’s just a scratch?

Some things in life are not always as they initially appear. For example, “Buy one get one free” may imply a “gift”, but it really means they just sold you twice as many as you wanted. Although horses seldom mislead us like this, there are groups of various problems that may look similar, but are […]

Hot days, Hot horses

It’s hot. Of course it’s hot, it’s August. I love it when somebody says: “…but it’s a dry heat”. Yeah, so is a convection oven. I can suffer indoors by the air conditioner with a frosty beverage in my hand. My horses don’t have that luxury. However, we must remember that horses are big, strong […]

Veterinary Medical News

Technology, leader of that schizophrenic dance between wonder and abject, hair-pulling aggravation, is the source of an amazing body of new information. Much of the new stuff is true, but some of it is fiction, so the internet is not always our friend. My job is to filter the good from the bad. The term […]

Milk Maids, Spoiled Wine and Dead Chickens

I was vaccinating a horse the other day, something I do on a real regular basis. This particular patient was unique, and his reluctance to see the benefits of preventive medicine, also known as “needle shyness” had distracted me. This is not usually a dangerous procedure, but this horse was testing my nerve. I was […]

Stallion Hygiene and The Farmer’s Wife

For most folks, spring is a favorite time of year. Many parts of the season serve as a reminder of the cycle of life and its renewal, but the sight of new foals cavorting around contented mares is definitely my favorite. If you have never been around a horse breeding operation, it is full of […]