faqsWhat areas do you serve?
We currently see patients throughout Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Please contact us for more information.

What is your mailing address?
Madison Seamans, MS, DVM
Cornerstone Equine Medical Services
28256 Lower Pleasant Ridge Road
Wilder, Idaho 83676

Do you have emergency services?
Yes, we offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call us at (208) 365-4085 if you require emergency care for your horse.

How much protein should I feed my adult horse? - Did you ever read the tag on a bag of horse feed? For me the tags were confusing because they had lots of numbers, but no pictures. Click here to read more.
What type of electrolyte supplement should I use for my horse in the summer? - We must remember that horses are big, strong animals with an astounding ability to adapt. The thermometer should not dictate how we enjoy our horses, but higher temperatures do demand more careful management to ensure their health. It’s all about water. Click here to read more.
What should I do for my horse with a cough and/or runnynose? - Respiratory disease in horses, aka “the snots”, “the crud”, “barn cough”, “strangles”, “distemper”, “pneumonia”, “rhino”—all describe symptoms seen in different equine diseases. Some horse health problems are pretty straight forward. Click here to read more.
How often should my horses’ feet be trimmed and/or shod. What is “normal”? - They taught us a lot of things in vet school. We spent the first year just studying anatomy and physiology—the thought being if you don’t know what “right” looks like, you can’t know what “wrong” is. Click here to read more.
Is there a link between fat, cresty-necked horses and founder/laminitis? - After living on dry hay all winter, a mouthful of fresh greens must seem like a gourmet salad. This is great for most horses, but not all of them. For some horses a few days on lush, green pasture is like a diabetic working at a candy store—the consequences can be disastrous. Click here to read more.
What vaccines do I need and why should I vaccinate? - I was vaccinating a horse the other day, something I do on a real regular basis. This particular patient was unique, and his reluctance to see the benefits of preventive medicine, also known as “needle shyness” had distracted me. This is not usually a dangerous procedure, but this horse was testing my nerve. Click here to read more.
Do I need anything special for my horse this winter? - Fall. You know it is here even if there is no thermometer handy. Horses, with tails over their backs floating over frosted grass, steam forced from flared nostrils like they really are the fire-breathers they think they are. New winter hair stands on end thanks to the piloerecter muscles strategically located at the base of each strand. Click here to read more.
What do I do if my horse is cut? - All cuts/injuries, even those that appear to be minor, can have lasting consequences. If he's bleeding, call me. Send a photo to my phone: 208 781-0851, then call. Click here to read more.